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Assalamualaikum and welcome to MAS Colorado. We are a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization focused on personal development and working towards the betterment of our communities and society at large. We are very proud to be youth managed and focused, and thank Allah almighty for giving us the opportunity to serve His deen and help build a better future for us all.

"Actions are according to intentions, and everyone will get what was intended." -Prophetic Hadith

In a famous hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim on the authority of Amir al-Mu'minin, 'Umar bin al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him), who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), say "Actions are according to intentions, and everyone will get what was intended."

We ask Allah to keep us sincere and always purify our intentions, and invite you to join us on this journey of life asking Allah almighty to accept from us all. Please take a look around the website at our services and activities and don't forget to sign up for our email list and follow us online on social media.

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To move people to strive for God consciousness, liberty, and justice, and to convey Islam with utmost clarity.



3124 S Parker Rd. Unit A2-284

Denver, CO 80014




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